My Art, My Joy

I find joy in painting the portrait of a dearly loved pet.  The expression on the owner's face, accompanied by the not uncommon tear in their eye, make all the hours spent getting it right so worth it!

I still haven't figured out how to get a Shih Tzu to hold a pose for more than 30 seconds, and many of the furry friends I paint are no longer with their human companions.  For these reasons I have learned to paint portraits from photographs supplied by the owner.  I will share photos with you as the painting  progresses and seek your input on capturing your pet's unique expression. I use only the finest available pastels on suede board, creating a treasure that will last a lifetime when framed under glass.  I guarantee your full satisfaction or complete return of your deposit.  That's never happened before, but after all, I'm only human!

I appreciate your interest.  Take a peek at my Gallery and Pricing and let me know if I can answer any questions.  I look forward to the privilege of painting your "Best Friend."



Standard Pricing

Portraits are shipped Matted, Postage not included.